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Your Turn

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I Will Never If You Never

Your Turn

Beneath your hands
I’d be content. I know by
your eyes & you touching me
where it hurts.

& I know that your smile
becomes my own, in hours when
I cannot sleep & you are the thought
that gives me peace.

What would you have to lose
by looking into my eyes &
allowing my body to explore
the places of yours.

Loneliness? Pain? Empty hours
of people’s endless complaints?
Shadows too dark to name?

Maybe someone should hold
your heart again, touch you where
it hurts, listen to all the thoughts & wishes
you have no time to share.

Hurry now, & wake up. There
is so much waiting here, so much
desire & passion to envelop you

So many things I long to say
or whisper…

& all pleasure like a warm
fire in winter, to give to you.

-Heather Lenz
February 16, 2016



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purple flowers


I wake from restless sleep, go about my day,
speak to a girlfriend about poetry & sex (or the lack of it).

We joke & she writes that she almost spit out
a mouthful of coffee on her monitor
from laughing. I smile then.

She sends me a link to a site that offers
various gifts of pleasure, tells me to choose.

I accept her offer,

& pick a soft, purple one with tiny flowers
whose petals spin against places

where a woman might feel lonely, aching

on the outside &
have a heart trembling inside her
for fear of the cold.

I wonder if men know
that when they give a woman a flower,

they should consider running its petals
along her pretty breasts, slide them

slowly across her abdomen, the curve
of her hip, her soft thighs.

Use it to awaken
the spot where she blossoms.

– Heather Lenz
February 15, 2016


Past Midnight

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saibo / Pixabay


Past Midnight

Another night of Cannot Sleep,
too many cigarettes
too many thoughts facing me down
like records skipping in a room without love.

For all the times I remember, so many
things fell broken through my hands.
When I tried to taste rain

there was too much sunlight
hurting my eyes & I could hear that
voice inside of me say: “run, before you
get burned”

Now I lean on a pillow, my body curled
like a flower, years of stories kept quiet
in a room where a Blue Nude
bends down her head in her arms

My body is restless & yearning
for healing, for touch, for an answer
beyond mere survival.

It draws in breaths through lonely
hours, dreams of a night or a moment
all tender, silken rain

like a sky that has fallen beneath you
& gathered some stars for your smile.

– Heather Lenz
February 10, 2016


Hope in Dreaming

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Claudia24 / Pixabay

Beneath my hands your small breasts are the upturned bellies of breathing, fallen sparrows”
-Leonard Cohen

Let the night magnify.

Touch me again, & help me sleep.
I don’t care about jewels,  I want your breath

on my neck, pearls of desire,

the golden thoughts of your eyes.

I fall asleep with the thought of your hands

as my deliverance & pleasure

& in my vision

I see you, come against you,

Body arched,

Blissful repose.

-Heather Lenz
Feb 2016

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