Here it is:

A girl near the Jungle Gym, alone, hating recess.
Waiting for the bell to ring, so she can stick
Her face back in a book. Her favorite, The Giving Tree.

Mousy brown hair hanging limp, shabby clothes,
never talks. Dark circles under eyes, malnourished,
Doctor says Anemia.

Mother, Schizophrenic, stays in bed, cries a lot. Reaches
out for daughter’s frail arms. Prays to a God she fears,
while garbage men wonder at the lack of trash. Fruit flies

In kitchen numerous, curtains always closed. Scooby Doo
& Popeye & a kind of still Anxiety growing inside each
morning, while mother sleeps.

Carpenter father, forced to sell lakeside home
built by his own hands, after the cost of all the
Nervous Breakdowns.

Grabs his tools & finally bolts. But the fruit
flies, the Anxieties, keep multiplying, growing.

And the Sanity of everyone, even the garbage men,
Becomes questionable.

-Heather Lenz
March 17, 2016