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Edward Bach preached the philosophy that a healthy mind led to a healthy body. He drew up 7 categories of emotions that could be treated homeopathically to create a positive outlook. Bach believed that good health depended on a positive outlook on life and that God had provided all the plants that were needed to create such an attitude. He … Continue reading →


Bach Flower Remedies




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You said something about flowers.
Apparently a man stood in your way.

There was a desk with no paper or pen.
You wore a lavender sweater & prayed
for light.

At night, terror pulled you
from sleep. A shadow standing over you.
A rosary swung from a bird’s beak.

You crawled out your window, hoping
to catch dust from the last falling star.
You breathed in the scent of Moonflower
from your vision.

Everything became holy & scattered.

Your hands trembled, petals crushed
in your palms.

At dawn, you found yourself
sitting in a Redwood forest,
Imprints of faerie wings
on your arms.

Eyes becoming one
with a nearby stream…

~Heather Lenz

This poem was published in Issue 1 of BAD ACID LABORATORIES INC.


Journal 8/3/2013

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IMG_10094 AM here. Just returned from outside to smoke another cigarette I didn’t need. Amused briefly by the black cat sleeping on my chair outside. Decided to boil some water for tea since I can’t sleep anyway. At some point after tossing and turning you just give up. Can’t have my usual dark roast coffee since my coffee maker broke yesterday. And just when I trusted Black & Decker. I thought maybe I’d read or write poetry but too spent even for that. I think most poets sometimes get exhausted with themselves. The awareness, the intensity.

Virginia Woolf thought it important to write something every day- that even in the simplest of days there is something worth noting. I think this is true, I just don’t practice it often. Then I find myself wishing I had written down something my son did or said when he was five, or how a rainstorm felt on a particular Spring day. Even if not a poem or story or anything intriguing, just even a line or two about any given day or night. But even something simple can be difficult when dealing with self-exhaustion.

Yesterday it was a rainy summer day, nice and cool. As I was walking toward my balcony, there sat perched on the rail a large hawk I often see flying around. It was staring straight into my apartment and my mouth dropped in surprise. Then it swiftly flew away to a nearby tree…Which made me wish I had left the sliding glass door open, wondering if it might have entered my apartment as another bird did last Spring.

Last night I sat outside and cried. I despised myself for doing so and for feeling that way and wasn’t even sure of the root cause. I of course can name many internal struggles and sorrows, for myself and for others, but the tears washed over me suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. Many might assume that poets can cry often and easily, but I do not find this to be the case with myself nor many other poets I’ve known. Perhaps because so many of them are shed through our pens rather than our eyes.

~Heather Lenz



Journal Entry 5/29/2010

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Saturday May 29, 2010

There is a white butterfly flying around my deck today. It is extraordinary.

It seems I am starting to miscarry. I am more hurt for Jacob than anything. He sobbed so profusely when I told him.

This is the third time in my life this has happened. This morning I awoke and started weeping. I almost made it past the first trimester. I think it is more stress-related than anything. There has been way too much stress lately. Just when I thought things were calming down.

I am so blessed and thankful though, that the lump I felt in my left breast turned out to be benign. I thank the Lord for this.

Bobby and I might try for another baby once everything clears up. Jacob wants a sibling so very, very much.

~Heather Lenz


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