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Farewell Summer

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nikolapeskova / Pixabay

“The trees shook with wind and suddenly he was looking out of Quartermain’s face, and he knew how it felt to be inside a haunted house, alone.” – Ray Bradbury’s ‘Farewell Summer’

Farewell Summer

You press flowers against
Your heart. Empty chambers
long to be filled with

bright constellations,
deep conversations.

The last lonely nights
of summer. Time beats fast,
even when you are still.

& Plath keeps killing herself
in volumes on your bookshelf or
in your hands.

Crows shuffle & caw
with morning coffee as
you forget to get to know
your Self again.

Your child marvels
at future possibility.
You fear he is outgrowing you,
but love spoken calms.

You tether your soul to his,
knot the pain of laboring him
into an angry world.

Like the Bradbury novel
you read, autumn can be heard
stirring all around the

You can almost see out
from your father’s aging eyes.
Can feel him sighing
in isolated dusk.

-Heather Lenz

This poem was published in Issue 1 of BAD ACID LABORATORIES INC.


Letter #2

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Dear Heather,

I hope this finds you and Jacob well. You are both such kind, beautiful people. Thank you for shining your light upon this world. This place certainly needs people like you, always ready with an encouraging word or a helping hand.

May you always find the strength and courage to be the kind hearted souls you were born to be.

“It is work to ride
head up and holy here.
It is painters with slack
in their brush,
Painters all jacked up on
stampede dust
Just tryin’ to get it right”

~Buddy Wakefield

with Love,
December 2013



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VaniaRaposo / Pixabay


I want to tell you this-
That on days when memories
Almost burned me to death,
Your eyes were like wings
Sweeping through the heart of me,

With just a smile or word
Or brilliant kiss.

I rose in your presence
Like a sad Pheonix; nested in the soul of you-
Found love dashing against my weariness.

Tenderly I leave all my gifts with you-
Secretly I leave you my heart
For the days or nights
That may get hard as stone.

Though this fooled world
Left me to despise- always
I have adored you, known you
In any corner of light
That ever lived in me.

~Heather Lenz



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I think I can finally urge myself not to think too much-
I’ll listen to Mozart and watch birds eat from my terrace.
I’ll hug my son & thank God

that he is healthy & safe. A boy of compassion
with a humanitarian flare & this hunger to save
all those desolate. (I was once that way, before

I became so needy, so broken apart) But lose

me in the clouds now & rise him toward the

atmosphere of promised stars & well-spent days.

Please, God. Give him a chance.


~Heather Lenz

May 31, 2013


Goodbye Soldiers

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At the wire

Plastic army men, gray, blue, green
Lined up in the living room for years.

When his father wondered
At the lack of my complaint over the mess,
I said: “Because one day I know I’ll miss it.”

That day has come & gone.
I imagine the little boy next door,

who my son gave up his collection to,
Lining them up along windowsills & on top
of old shoe-boxes.

One time, years ago, I designed an army fort for my son
out of an old shoe-box. Drew carefully the camouflage
to protect his childhood, to construct smiles.

I made windows
& gun racks & even a helipad on top,
meant for plastic emergencies.

His eyes lit up like sunshine
Reflecting off dark waves & he said:
“Thank you, mama. That’s really cool!”

I must say, it was one of my finer

accomplishments in life-

& now as the years turn & frown with their
Sad mistakes & losses, at least I can recall

Through some certain, tender, beautiful years,
I gave those soldiers a home. Or tried.

~Heather Lenz
May 31, 2013

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