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LaughingRaven / Pixabay


She likes the contour
of my eyes,
The milky white
of my silky thighs

She likes the curves
of my swaying hips,
The downward pout
of my scarlet lips

She likes my shy,
quirky smile,
The far-off look
when I think for awhile

She likes how I look
in a bra of black lace,
The weight of my gaze,
the truth in my face

She loves who I am
no matter what mood,
Even when sassy
even when I brood

She takes pleasure in mine
and smiles to know,
that I remain loving
even when low

She’s one of the best
to help me through strife,
A tried and true friend,
a gift to my life.

-Heather Lenz



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purple flowers


I wake from restless sleep, go about my day,
speak to a girlfriend about poetry & sex (or the lack of it).

We joke & she writes that she almost spit out
a mouthful of coffee on her monitor
from laughing. I smile then.

She sends me a link to a site that offers
various gifts of pleasure, tells me to choose.

I accept her offer,

& pick a soft, purple one with tiny flowers
whose petals spin against places

where a woman might feel lonely, aching

on the outside &
have a heart trembling inside her
for fear of the cold.

I wonder if men know
that when they give a woman a flower,

they should consider running its petals
along her pretty breasts, slide them

slowly across her abdomen, the curve
of her hip, her soft thighs.

Use it to awaken
the spot where she blossoms.

– Heather Lenz
February 15, 2016


Letter #2

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Dear Heather,

I hope this finds you and Jacob well. You are both such kind, beautiful people. Thank you for shining your light upon this world. This place certainly needs people like you, always ready with an encouraging word or a helping hand.

May you always find the strength and courage to be the kind hearted souls you were born to be.

“It is work to ride
head up and holy here.
It is painters with slack
in their brush,
Painters all jacked up on
stampede dust
Just tryin’ to get it right”

~Buddy Wakefield

with Love,
December 2013

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