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You left me, in a dark hole
for my bread and water

You cast me out of the Holy Land
with Songs of Solomon scratched
from your eyes

I looked up, blinded by the sun
The dust rose to my lips, turned them dry

And the birds that flew
became carcasses of steel
as the night poured salt-water rain.

~Heather Lenz



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Sailor Bay, Middle Harbor, Sydney

Do not rediscover me, old flame,
my heart has left your overrated claim
And do not send your flowers to my door,
I do not need or want them anymore.

No, do not recall the memories so sublime,
if in haste you wish to call, put far away your dime
No, do not send the lovebirds out to soar,
I do not need or want them anymore.

Through my life I now do make a trail,
I fight the storm and overcome the hail
So stay away on your own distant shore,
I do not need or want you anymore

Times have changed and for the most of good,
I have burned the wet and rotting wood,
So sit alone upon your unswept floor,
I do not need or want you anymore.

~Heather Lenz
this poem first appeared in Stepping Stones Magazine (print)



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An ocean of forget-me-nots

You starved yourself
on the streets of desire,
There were lamp-posts reflecting
in the rain.

They made you
think of yesterday,
of a clean tomorrow.

You always had that quiet wisdom-
blossoming, then falling
from your eyes.

I did not hold you enough.
I was too busy whispering words
from pomegranate lips,
dancing on the dark night.

I always knew it would come to this;
A full October moon,
This Autumn loneliness,
These stains of impossible

~Heather Lenz

for my mother

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