Clever You

Did you think you could hide
your misogynistic ways in those lines
all because you’re

more educated,
supposedly refined,
own your own home?

How laughable.

O clever you.

Is it the shackles of marriage
that bring such distaste for all
those buoyant women reaching
toward their dreams, reaching
their hands around a cock

that’s not yours? Or jealousy
that you’re not one of them?

Perhaps she gained a few pounds. Or,
perhaps she’s the Trophy type but
denies you or bitches too much; spends
too much time on

the Home Shopping Network.

I wonder if there is a trout pond near the place
where you live; if visiting it reminds you of
the wetness now cold, once so warm & inviting,

A place that real men cherish, inhaling the
scent as heaven sings to them.

Pussy smells great until a man defiles it
with white, hot hatred.

It is a perfume for the body & soul,
A place where all darkness is calmed,
where life & love are born,

& where a misogynist makes jokes
or places blame.

Too many monsters like you, O clever one,

O pompous disgrace.

-Heather Lenz

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