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Past Midnight

Another night of Cannot Sleep,
too many cigarettes
too many thoughts facing me down
like records skipping in a room without love.

For all the times I remember, so many
things fell broken through my hands.
When I tried to taste rain

there was too much sunlight
hurting my eyes & I could hear that
voice inside of me say: “run, before you
get burned”

Now I lean on a pillow, my body curled
like a flower, years of stories kept quiet
in a room where a Blue Nude
bends down her head in her arms

My body is restless & yearning
for healing, for touch, for an answer
beyond mere survival.

It draws in breaths through lonely
hours, dreams of a night or a moment
all tender, silken rain

like a sky that has fallen beneath you
& gathered some stars for your smile.

– Heather Lenz
February 10, 2016

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