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Walk Past Her

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the calm of the sea, i can feel itHer face among the crowd,
those tears are never loud
Voices run amuck,
the heart’s chord is struck

Lady is isolated star,
her hair as dark as the sullen bar
Where people walk past her in the old café,
Loggers and sluts spend their dimes for the day

Her children are distant, her lover diseased
her tab for the food leaves the owner displeased
Yet somehow God finds a way to her home,
provides relief from that silent phone

And when people walk with their gossip and talk
she sometimes feels the weight,
Of dreams that were lost and lives that were crossed
and how she would sit there and wait

Lady is Weeping Willow,
her face as shadowed as the crease of her pillow
where the moon shines in through winter skies,
and Jesus takes notes from the depths of her eyes.

~Heather Lenz

Poet, writer, artist, publisher, editor

One Response to Walk Past Her

  1. Sandy

    This fits many woman’s hearts. We have all been here a time or two or three. The willow tree whispers in the night but continues to bud in the light of spring. Very moving.

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