Hong Kong Day #1

These July nights are such a drag this year
my value isn’t getting any better,
At work the heat is thick and heavy
but at home it’s still so cold I need a sweater

Not much happens here at all
I light my candle; watch the wax melt away,
And I put a WELCOME mat outside my door
but no one ever really wants to stay

So here I sit with a dinner for one
at a table set for two,
I throw my plate at these same old walls
and somehow make it through

Another night with an empty cup
with a dish of pretty lies,
As I think of those who left too soon
and remember the colors of their eyes

It would be nice to see for once
the shadow of hands so fine,
Or feel the rush of a silken touch
brush these lips of mine

But not much happens here at all
though through this night my song plays softly on,
And when I finally think there’s someone knocking
by the time I get downstairs the person is gone…

~Heather Lenz

Poet, writer, artist, publisher, editor